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Satisfaction with the COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Policy: A Study of the Special Cash Payment Policy for Residents of Japan

Pattaphol Yuktadatta, Shunsuke Ono, Mostafa Saidur Rahim Khan, Yoshihiko Kadoya

Image by jun rong loo

Since the pandemic has affected individuals from different socioeconomic backgrounds in different ways, one-time special cash payments may have been insufficient to help the most affected individuals, consequently causing lower policy satisfaction when compared with others. UtilisingHiroshima University's Household Behavioral and Financial Survey in 2020 and 2021, we found the heterogeneity in satisfaction among various socioeconomic groups and associations between their socioeconomic characteristics and policy satisfaction. These results reflect the different challenges that various socioeconomic groups faced. Hence, the government should design future policies according to the need of different socioeconomic groups.

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